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lundi, 09 novembre 2020

To Leo

To Leo

Longed a lifetime to hold the tiny hand, the tiny smile, the tiny life


Longed month after month in swirls of sparkles, swirls of light, swirls of hope


Longed for the redemption, the flush brightness, the blinding flash


Nested in embrace, flooded by love, forever grace

@ude in Yvoire, November 9, 2020.

mardi, 21 décembre 2010


finally the routine chokes
like the flatscreen
like the netbook
like the android
the ipod is off

the silence shines
shimmering lapel
swelling to a raging torrent
that washes off
pastimes and frustrations
glimmering waste of horrors

the blinded flow returned to spring
wanders off hurtlessly to you

this is where I belong

this is where uncertainty blooms
shaping the being

this is where nonsense finds purpose 

jeudi, 31 décembre 2009

divine epic

I expected a lifetime
for life
as a monthly excuse
in slow motion

I wished for as much as its echo
would have sounded so pure
and for another future
would have melted the crow

inspiring dreams like a morning
he was vivid
feminine’s divine
child’s smile

I surrendered to him
any claim to being
bleached and appeased
disappearing in the flow

lundi, 22 décembre 2008


as much as he watches her
she subsides
annihilated in tenderness

as much as he praises her
she fails to identify
so much she isn’t

so they meet in embrace
on the pyres of loneliness


mercredi, 07 mai 2008

day after day

a day
one day
it's just a day
just one more
just another day
just like any other day
or is it?

could it be a day of anger?
could it be somber?
could it be a day of pain?
could it be in vain?

it could
it could indeed

but it's not
it just can't be

because it is a new day
a new day for hope
a day of blinding brightness

it's just another day of love



dedicated to Rob

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samedi, 26 janvier 2008


after boredom kingdom
raging family kingdom
and nothing to stop the flames
what a shame
or not
I forgot
always the same
never lame